VIGIL - Zatzin Daggertooth's Background Story
by Margaret Krohn on December 21st, 2014

Sharing this because the lovely Kaitlyn wanted to learn more about Zatzin. I hope you all enjoy!

​The Great Scale Wars begins - Lizardmen clans are forced to combine forces to fight off the Arrowhawks who invaded our lands.

​Initially it started when lizardmen began disappearing from our clans. The Arrowhawks would swoop in and capture us when we were hunting, gathering, off wandering about and what not. As soon as the disappearances became harder to explain, our chieftain, Zarr Longclaw, sent out a search party to find the missing which they initially thought was due to another clan, but what they found was not what they expected. Few survivors returned to tell the tale of what had occurred.
The Arrowhawks were capturing lizardmen, selling, trading and cooking them up as a rare delicacy within their plane of existence.

At first, our chieftain set regulations and tried to keep people safe by locking down our tribes, but restlessness wrestled within and some members of the clan felt they could run things better than Zarr.

Small skirmishes began. Then, attempts to assassinate Zar. War between clans broke out. We were not just fighting the Arrowhawks, but one another.

My father was assigned to a band, under Leerock Silvertail.

This is where I met Ventus Darkfang (Smalls) whose father was also under the same band.
Many died during the wars. Some by the hand of their own tribemates, others by clans, and some...By Arrowheads. It was a dark time for us.

When we were of age, Smalls and I were initiated and placed into the same band our fathers once served, ripped away from our mothers and the life that we had known.

Fast forward:
As time passed, things began to resolve and we found ways to keep the Arrowhead at bay.
Smalls and I decided to join the Storm of Shadow’s guild once our band was decommissioned.

They offered us shelter, continued training in the arts of thievery and payed well, so long as you did their bidding and completed missions. Those who returned empty handed, were punished and sometimes terminated.  

On one of our missions, we were sent to attain a rare crystal orb from a powerful elven wizard named Amnestria Vyshann.

But...Things went all wrong. We were so close, but Smalls was distracted by food laid out on a banquet table that was too perfect. It had to be a trap. I could sense it. I tried to sway him to not dine from the tasty morsels, but he insisted and ate from the table. Immediately satiated, he fell into a slumber. I tried to awaken him, but I was unable. I pushed him under the table and tried to rid the area of any sign that someone had been there.

I moved forward into the next room to complete our task, but before I could, a large spider-like woman crawled down from the ceiling and began searching the area. She knew we had intruded! I tried to stay in the shadows and hide from her view, but as she got close to Smalls, I knew I had to do something. I  threw a gem from my bag out onto the floor, grabbing her attention. By this time, Smalls was beginning to awaken. Not realizing where he was or what had happened, he began talking to me and the creature turned back to him.

I had to fight! I threw a dagger at her back. She SCREAMED out in pain and a mist began to form around her. She transformed. It was Vyshann and she was not happy! She waved her wand, speaking words that I could not make out at the time.

“Ο ιός rat μπορείτε να και ένας ιός rat μπορείτε να.” - A rat you are and a rat you shall be. She had turned Ventus Darkfang (Smalls) into a rat - 12 inches in length and around 700g in weight, white with red eyes (Albino), and one dark fang.

I called for him to come to me quickly. He scurried towards me and I ran like crazy, hiding in the shadows. My heart had never raced so hard in my life.

We had survived, but without completing the mission and Smalls was no longer himself. Although, he could still talk and had his own memories, it almost made it harder. We could not return to our guild in this state, especially not until we completed the task, but we had to fix smalls first, then get that orb.

For months, we had been searching for components. I was able to find a few recipes here and there, but many of them did not work or were just tales being told within civilizations. We had heard of an old shaman from the city <Esterwick> who had a Scroll of Changelings. I was able to concoct this potion, but it only allowed him to transform for short periods of time. This would not do. The shaman told us of a permanent solution that she had heard of. No guarantees it would work, but she pulled out a scroll and wrote down the regents.

Items needed for 1 vial:
  • (2) Umber Hulk Antennas
  • (5) Flumph Teeth
  • (3) Drops of Drider Blood
  • (1) Eye of a Gibbering Mouther

<JP explain where I got to where I am now from the above>
How about this? I stole the key because I needed it to get to the area where I think one of the ingredients is for the potion that I am trying to concoct.

After a long chase, they catch me as I get cornered due to not knowing the dungeon very well.
I explain to "they" why I was doing what I was doing and they allow me to restore the balance by working for them in return for what I did. "They" assign me to the Vigil party's group in order to help them <x = kill the king>.

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