Content Creator, On-camera Talent, Voice Actress, Writer, Game Developer

Margaret “Luperza” Krohn has been gaming since she was a little kid. She started playing card and board games, moving on to Atari, Nintendo and Sega. When her father started working at a local computer shop, her heart was easily swayed by the power and customization of the personal computer! DOS games became the new big thing.

Gaming didn’t end there. As technology progressed, games did too! Maggie has played various RPG, FPS and RTS games throughout her generation.

As a competitive and avid gamer, Margaret has become well known in various gaming communities. Her debut was on Vanguard: Saga of Heroes where she co-hosted a podcast called, Voyages of Vanguard. She was also the Blood Mage Class Leader, member of the number one world wide guild, Brotherhoood of the Spider, and Tournament Champion, defeating all of the other Blood Mages on the Xeth server. Soon after, she began her work in Quality Assurance at Sony Online Entertainment (SOE).

After a short endeavor in Quality Assurance, her design theory and game knowledge was quickly picked up and brought on to the Free Realms World Design Team where she wrote lore, quests and helped shape the classes and world of Free Realms.

Well known amongst Sony Online for being a dedicated original PlanetSide player, MaggieAnne on Emerald with Ghost of the Revolution, Maggie was brought onto the PlanetSide 2 team where she helped launch the triple A, free to play, MMO FPS as a Game Designer. After the game released, she joined the SOE Community Team as the PlanetSide 2 Community Manager and then moved on to become the Community Manager on EverQuest 2, helping build and manage Sony Online Entertainment’s gaming communities.

After Miss Krohn helped form the foundation of livestreaming and video content for SOE with the debut of PlanetSide 2 Friday Night Ops, she took a turn in her career and became a Video Host for Curse, creating content and representing their brand as a multi-media personality.

Utilizing the content creation skills and knowledge she learned at SOE and Curse, Margaret then moved on to manage all online video and media content for NCSOFT, a South Korea-based game development company that has produced Lineage, City of Heroes, WildStar, Guild Wars, GuildWars 2, Aion, Master X Master, and Blade & Soul.

Miss Krohn is currently the Community Marketing Lead for Intrepid Studios, developing and leading their community and marketing teams for Ashes of Creation.

In her spare time, you can find her creating YouTube gaming and vlogging videos, hosting various events, webcasts, and podcasts, and streaming on her own personal Twitch TV channel during scheduled hours.

Short Bio for Projects:

If you are looking for insight into the gaming world from the mind of a competitive gamer and game developer, look no further. Whether she's blowing up nerds online or discussing game development, Maggie is sure to bring hours of entertainment.