Me Week
by Margaret Krohn on February 7th, 2012

Hello World!

Another week without a Yuria's Log! I'm sorry internets. We do have a rather reasonable reason for not playing. Our dungeon master's dog got a hold of some medicine and overdosed. Fortunately, she is recovering which is awesome news! Please, keep her in your hearts and thoughts.

I didn't want to leave you high and dry though, so I decided to write about what I've been up to this week. First off, lots and lots of work. This week went by WAY too fast. I feel like I got a lot done though and that's always a great feeling.

I got to compete in this weeks Tourney Tuesday at The Foundry in North Park. We have competitions every other week and we've been mostly focusing on MTG (Magic: The Gathering). We all vote on what booster draft we'd like to do and then we play best of three brackets. It's been a lot of fun! I am learning everything all over again. I've never done drafts before, so it's been something new for me. I won my first round. I was so proud of myself. Haha. Then I lost to this guy who had a Liliana, Invisible Stalker and Trepanation Blade. I totally got owned. D:
But! I learned a bit and got smarter about my card plays. I didn't have any burst cards, so I inevitably lost. It was still fun and that's all that matters! Next Tuesday Tourney, I will be doing a live stream again. It seemed to work out the last time we did it. Hopefully, it'll work once again. I usually set up three cameras - one on each of the player's cards and one on the center where all of their cards are being played. There's also a mic so you can hear what they are saying. A fourth camera and a second mic is used for the commentator. If you're an MTG fan or player in the San Diego area, you should totally come out, drink a beer, eat great food and hang out with some awesome people!

On Thursday, I got to hang out with The Gamer Girls for their Nerdcore Night at The Ruby Room. They originally wanted me to live stream it which would have been awesome! But...We had some technical difficulties, so I just ended up hanging out and enjoying the music and company. If your in the San Diego area, I definitely recommend coming out. It's great fun and great people.

I didn't really get to game much this week other than MTG, but I started my three day weekend off with some more Dragon Age! If you read my previous blog or follow my live stream, you probably know that I've been loving the game and trying to finish it. Not rushing it though. I'm enjoying speaking to every NPC I can possibly find. It's been a blast. I've got a healer in my party now, so things are going MUCH MUCH more smoothly. I have an all female party again! Woot. Some of the fights I've had to encounter previous to having a healer were a PITA (pain in the as-booty). I'm sure anyone watching my stream was also frustrated by them. Haha. I had to keep swapping around to each party member spamming potions on top of making sure that they were doing what they were supposed to be doing. It was a bit chaotic to say the least. Having a healer is definitely less stressful on me and my coin pouch. Maybe, I'll be able to save money on potions and actually buy better gear! Lol.

I took a few screen shots of the Mage's tower. I had to! It was really pretty, so I wanted to share those with you. The screenies really don't do the scene justice, but oh well!
This is when I first entered the area.
During the cut scene after you walk forward.
I am in the process of making some video reviews of the new gadgets I got. I believe I noted them in my previous blog. Those will be coming your way as soon as I can get them finished and looking some what professional. I am in no way a video producer, so I'm learning things as I go with plenty of help from friends. If you know anyone who'd like to help with an intro for me, that'd be rad! Otherwise, I'll just keep doing things to the best of my ability.

Also, you'll be seeing me join a few podcasts as a guest! I'm looking for a casting home at the moment. I used to podcast back in the day and I really miss it, so I'm looking into all the options that are available to me. Of course, I won't be representing SOE in any way. It'll be just general gaming oriented podcasting. I really can't wait!

Anyways, I better get cleaning. My boyfriend's father is coming to visit and I want to make sure the house isn't too chaotic even with still unpacking boxes! Haha. I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend and good hunting!

<3 x 9001,


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