Teh Games!
by Margaret Krohn on February 7th, 2012

Hello World!

It's me again! I'm back with another one of my fancy smancy blogs since there have been no Yuria's Logs. =D How was everyone's holiday? Did you get any fabulous gifts? My vacation started a little earlier than usual due to getting a cold (icky, I know), but as the sickness wore off, only great things have been presenting themselves! All this time off means that I get more time to catch up and play all those games I haven't gotten a chance to play. Or...In my case, catch up on gaming in general.

And oh boy have I been gaming! I spent most of my vacation glued to my bed or computer. My house isn't very orderly at the moment. That's for sure! Haha. It's been a lot of fun though! My friend purchased Dragon Age Origins for me, so I thought I might check it out. I've only heard great things about it, but I never had a chance to play it or the time to warrant buying it. It has been on my Steam wishlist for quite some time though. Anyways, I hopped in and I had so much! The characters are great. My favorite one so far is the rhyming tree!
Combat at times was a bit frustrating, especially without potions, but generally the tactics are well done. I will be training more tactics slots for my characters, that's for sure. So far, I am to the point where I have saved the werewolf people from their curse and Zathrian (sp?) is no longer with us. Bless his soul. I even got a phat breastplate!
It's been a ton of fun and I'm going to keep playing the game until I finish it. Some of the decisions I have to make are rough and I'm not sure what I want to do, but I normally like doing the good options over the evil ones. =P

On to other games...And by other games, I mean StarCraft II! I have been completely addicted to StarCraft II. I've always loved watching the pro games, but never hopped in and played competitively by myself. The last few days of my holiday have been spent playing lots and lots and lots of StarCraft II! It's been so much fun and I want to thank everyone who has been hanging out in my live stream and giving me great tips and coaching. I appreciate it and I'm working really hard to get better. Maybe, I will make my way up the ladder and get to compete with the big boys some day.

Unfortunately, my gaming extravaganza has to come to an end. Tomorrow, I'll be back to the sixteen hour work day grind, but it's all worth. Since I didn't have to work today, I played some PlanetSide and had a lot of fun! I'll probably do a few more PlanetSide nights if enough people are interested. Just toss me a comment below if you are!

Going to do a little SOE shout out here. Hope you don't mind! The game I'm currently working on, PlanetSide 2, has a new website layout with a nifty BETA sign-up button! If you haven't checked it out and you're an MMO or FPS fiend, I highly suggest it. The most recent PlanetSide 2 YouTube video is up too. Matt Higby, our Creative Director, tells you about all the neat empire specific design. Enjoy!
I got so many awesome things for Christmas and my birthday. =] Pretty excited about it all and I'll probably do some professional reviews on the lot of them, but I thought I'd share the gamer related stuff I got.

What is the nerdiest gift you have ever received? Share it in the comments below! I can't wait to read them. Happy New Year! *Cheers to another awesome year of living*

<3 x 9001,


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