West Marches - Valisilwen Telaldren
by Margaret Krohn on December 20th, 2014

​​In the Forest of Nakatashar, a village of Wood Elves takes in a young High Elf, her alabaster skin slightly changing colors as the reflection of light bounces off her fair skin, almost appearing a pastel blue. Her eyes sharp, filled with wit and charm, like large silver pools flecked with gold. She won’t remember whence she came, nor whom bore her, but Taladinier (Talah-din-e-air) would do his best to raise her with grace and elegance.

​In the year 323, a war waged among the High Elf Kingdom and their greatest enemy,  Queen Esant of the Long Flame. The Circle of the Moon heard through passing whispers under the full moon that the old drow Witch Elenorith would come to visit and curse Princess Zili in order to keep her from the throne when the time came, perhaps many years from now. A patient enemy it seems, but a fake death was created and the child was taken to the depths of the forest to keep her safe from harms way. 
Zili grew up with a new name - Val. She always felt a bit out of place as her pale skin never matched what she had come to know as her brothers and sisters. High amongst the oldest tree, she’d sit atop, watching as the moon stared down at her while she meditated, the light dancing on her skin. It almost appeared as though she was glowing.

As Val grew older, she learned many things about equilibrium and balance for all things living, what sacrifice feels like, and how to keep harmony amongst the chaos. She found herself worshipping the great Wanderer. The thought of lands afar and worlds beyond that needed her aid had her curious and from what the animals of the forest had said, times were changing.

At the age of 97, she took her adult name of Valisilwen (Vahl-ihs-ill-when) and with reluctance was allowed to leave the home she had come to know to do whatever she pleased and so she did. Traveling and learning. Watching and seeking. Healing and destroying. What she didn’t know, was someone was always watching her...

She met others rarely along her journey, but the most notable friends she had made were Kaz, a human Wizard whom she grew quite fond of. Kaz and Valis traveled together for many moons. He even taught her one of his tricks. She could send a message to anyone without even speaking a word and hear a whispered reply, but as the moons passed and the years deteriorated Kaz, Valis was left alone once more to wander the lands, seeking balance.

Recently, Valis found herself befriending a wolf named Rorik. His pack was quite informative and moved quickly. Sometimes, she wished she could take their form and howl at the moon as they did, it looked invigorating. For now, she found solace in mapping out all the ruins of the lands and keeping them safe from harms way. Rorik’s pack has sent word to her of ruins to the northwest of Viriskali and so she wanders once more...

More info about the character over on the West Marches' Wikia Page.

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jvf - December 21st, 2014 at 3:43 AM
Awesome stuff
Margaret Krohn - December 22nd, 2014 at 1:45 PM
Thank you jvf!! =D
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