Community Marketing Strategist & On-camera/ Voice Talent

Award-winning community marketing consultant specializing in massively multiplayer online games, tabletop role play games, esports, and technology industries.

Top tier on-camera and voice over talent, hosting and performing on live broadcasts, at events, and much more!

Intrepid Studios'
Director of Communications

Margaret is directing internal and external communications at Intrepid Studios.
Developing and leading game services, including social media, content management,
 community management, marketing, public relations, events, customer service,
audio visual, and quality assurance teams. Coordinating, managing, planning,
and executing strategies in-line with company objectives.

Chief Marketing Officer

Margaret is responsible for Roll4It's marketing activities, leading brand management, marketing communications (including advertising, promotions and public relations), market research, sales management, product development, distribution channel management, pricing, and customer service. She is the primary recruitment officer and talent manager for the broadcast studio.

Watch Margaret perform live on Thursday, Saturday, and Sunday
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Get to Know Margaret

For the past 15 years,  Margaret has helped businesses and individuals create and market their brand presence to achieve their goals and grow their communities.

She's currently the Director of Communications for Intrepid Studios, Inc.  who is creating the much anticipated MMORPG,  Ashes of Creation.  She's also the CMO of Roll4It,  a tabletop role play broadcast production studio,  and she's on the Board of Directors for the International Game Developers Association.

Speaker & Brand Evangelist

Margaret is a dynamic subject matter expert, keynote, and panel speaker for multiple national and international conferences as well as universities and high schools, discussing a diverse range of topics - game development, immersive technologies, product marketing, personal branding, social media marketing, creating worlds and characters in tabletop games, diversity in the technology industry, creating healthy communities, inclusiveness in games, and much more!

Looking for a passionate brand evangelist with a strong network?

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Food & Photography

Instagram and Instragram stories is mostly where she posts photography - Expect food, fitness, home, and beauty goodness!

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Have a product you'd like to send or have Margaret review, feel free to send it to her P.O. Box. 

Chat Live on Twitch

If time permits, outside of work at Intrepid and on Roll4It,  she may stream on her personal Twitch channel. This is usually a very interactive experience. 

Follow Her Adventures

Whenever she goes on adventures, she tends to vlog them, so if you're interested in her life and what goes on when she travels, check out her YouTube channel!


Are you a fellow industry vet, and want to keep in touch on a more professional level? Her LinkedIN is where all of that goes down. ;)