PlanetSide 2 Fan Lore

So...I found some old PlanetSide/ PlanetSide 2 lore that I wrote, so I thought it'd be fun to release them as short fan stories. Hope you all enjoy "A Traveler" and "Lonewolf!" =) 

A Traveler

     Standing at attention, Tec Rendetor kept still while staring straight out at the Sanctuary. A perfect row of mosquitos lined the horizon, juxtaposition the calm evening sky. Commander Carl Stinchfield walked up to each of his men relaying their mission. Today was an important, yet risky day for his unit.
​     Tec was still not used to his peon position in the 76th Vanu Sovereignty Mobile Infantry Unit. Previously, he worked as an acolyte researcher for the VSTD (Vanu Sovereignty Technology and Defense), until he inadvertently released highly classified information he had discovered to the TR (Terrain Republic) through an online entrapment-espionage operation. The TR were an oppressive military power. They were once the only leading government when they ruled a great portion of the planets in the galaxy. In the years after the Rebellion Wars, the overwatch had become more desperate and thus more ruthless in their approach to the rebel factions- the NC (New Conglomerate) and VS (Vanu Sovereignty).
     Although Tec was shocked by his re-assignment, he knew there was little he could do. Once someone joined the Sovereignty, there was no escape. The VS used re-birthing as a method of control and security. He was forced to change his name, previously Maxwell Housermann, to something that was approved by the Sovereign Council. This was how he had become Tec Rendetor. 
​     Upon joining the VS, Tec’s genetic imprint was stored, allowing him to live an immortal life as one of the VS elite. Defectors were released from this, so leaving was possible, but if and when you died, heaven or hell was not one’s destination. There was only one path, and that was right back into the hands of the Vanu. A great deal for the VS and as long as one didn’t find themselves in any trouble, it was a pretty great deal for everyone. Tec knew very well what he had done. Accident or not, he would have to try to acclimate himself to the harsh new reality he now lived in.
     Today was no ordinary day for the 76th VSM Unit. The VSTD scientists had discovered a substantial amount of electromagnetic energy in the caverns of Oshur. This was the final material needed to recreate a wormhole. If they could trap a large portion of electromagnetic energy, they would be able to complete the final stage. This was the moment that everyone had waited for. The VS kept all their information on a need to know basis. They didn’t want the TR or NC to get their hands on any of the information. Creating a wormhole was a goal each empire shared. After all, it was the reason they had all found Auraxis to begin with. Tec had known something was going on and those that were keeping a close eye on him, knew he was up to something, but not quite what they thought. Tec’s task was to fly into the caverns along with his small unit and a few scientists, supply the scientists with cover while they set up the wormhole device, and make sure that no one found out or got in the way.
     Commander Stinchfield saluted his men and in return they each saluted him in a synchronized manner. Each soldier putting their helmet on as they walked to their mosquitos. It had seemed like they gave one another a nod as they departed. The sky was clear as they entered the Sanctuary Broadcast Warpgate. As they made their way into the caverns, they had already heard word that the scientists were spawning in from a nearby AMS (Advanced Mobile Station). They waited until they could see the scientists leaving the AMS. As their bodies formed from the invisible shield that coated the AMS, the mosquitos followed them, ready for whatever might come their way.
     They reached their destination with little to no resistance. The soldiers set up defenses at the VS Research Facility. Some left their mosquitos to find high ground where they could easily spot anyone who might try to foil their plans, while others stayed airborne patrolling the area. The scientists quickly got to work, setting up their device and hoping that it all went as intended. Of course, Tec had his own plans, but avoided any suspicious activity.
     He had already known what the scientists at VSTD had discovered. He had found a new way to hack into their system, this time unseen. He had learned from his first hacking experience. This supplied him with all the data his technology addicted brain could handle. On his own time, he had figured out a way to use a wormhole to change space and time in a way that the VSTD had not. This would allow him to go back in time and alter a timeline of events, creating an alternate universe where he could change the outcome of anything he so chose, depending on the time that he entered the wormhole. The only problem was that he could not predict the exact time he would travel to. This issue was unsettling, but his intuition told him to go forth with his plan. If he could alter reality, he could stop the war or at least give the VS an advantage over the other empires, bringing victory and peace into their grasp.
     As the scientists finished their final touches on their wormhole device, which Tec knew they had called W-17, the cavern began to tremble. The scientists ran to find cover as parts of the cavern ceiling started falling. This was Tec’s chance. No one was looking; they were too worried about saving their own lives. The scientists had clearly not predicted this to happen, but Tec did. He ran to the device. The energy made him feel woozy and the brightness of the portal that began forming made it so he was almost blind. He tried his best to look down. Grabbing a small computer and something that looked like crystal from his backpack, he began hacking into the W-17. When he finished, he closed his eyes and walked into the giant formation of energy. His body tugged at itself and he felt like he was going to explode.
     The scientists and soldiers managed to find the AMS and made their way back to the VS Sanctuary. Tec was never found and no one knew what had happened to him. Usually bodies would have respawned, but his didn’t. Had he escaped the grasps of the Vanu or did the wormhole devour him? The wormhole instability left the whole of Auraxis torn apart and pushed into an altered state of both time and space. Oshur, where the secret VS Research facility was located was destroyed completely, leaving only a fractured set of islands as a memorial.
​     Meanwhile, Tec found himself on a thirsty dry land. From what he gathered he had been launched back to a period after the VS and NC secession. The Rebellion Wars had yet to begin in earnest. He remembered that he was still Maxwell Housermann then and that he had been working for Nanite Systems as a research scientist. This would make it easy for him to find himself. The hard part would be convincing himself that he was from the future. He knew this would occur and he already had a plan.
​     Remembering that he was developing defense and weapon technology- the first assignment had been to work on a prototype model for the SF-1B engine with the Nantite Systems Core team. The NS Core Team was responsible for the development based on technology gleaned from the Auraxian core. This was “easy” work for a mind like his, but nonetheless, he had played along. As he delved more into the ancient technology, his mind was constantly drawn to the VS and what mysteries they had unlocked in their hidden research centers across Auraxis. They were by far the leading experts on Core technology.  More driven by rivalry than anything else, his intense desire to know more about the Vanu grew.  He knew he could do better than them.  He’d prove it too.


     Her cold fingers gripped the pistol tightly. Crouched below the courtyard wall, she waited as she watched the rest of Charlie squad get torn to pieces; their red armor splitting instantly upon making contact with the purple lasers. The Vanu Sovereignty had wiped out her entire platoon with little to no effort. For a moment, she lost her train of thought. Grief was something she had experienced often since the War on Auraxis had began and she quickly brought herself back to the mission at hand. It was clear she was to do it alone now.
     Cloaking herself, she ran through the courtyard and into the backdoor. Surprised to see that the barrier had already been destroyed, she slowly moved into the room. Someone had beat her to it, but who? She crept forward, covering herself before every turn. From the final room before the generator, she could see a blur of blue. It was one of those New Conglomerate goons. Those traitors! They left the Terran Republic when the war had started. She blamed them for much of the chaos that erupted on Auraxis. It was bad enough they had to deal with the alien tech the VS brought to the fight, but having to deal with ex-soldiers and citizens was just overbearing at times.
     She would have to deal with him immediately before she could take down the generator. Continuing to move closer to the room, she was jolted when she realized her cloak was dissipating. Quickly, she took out her pistol again, aiming for the blue beast, she fired off a round until he fell to the ground. Walking up to him, she looted all of his ammo and gave him a good kick. Bastard was dead.
     Knowing that she would have only a few minutes to finish up the job the NC soldier had started, she quickly got to work. He seemed to be an engineer. C4 was strapped to the generator, all she had to do was set them off. Moving out of the room, she pulled the trigger. In a huge explosion, the generator blew up. Lights in the base facility began flickering and her heart raced. Her cloak was back up again. Cloaking herself once more, she ran quickly past a few VS soldiers. They didn’t noticed her. Thank the Republic! She sprinted into their ammo room. All around her, she could hear footsteps and soldiers yelling at one another. Their spawn room continued to pour out more alien brains.
     Her adrenaline was pumping. Trying to devise a plan, she remembered the layout of the Amp Station. She’d have to make her way to the top floor if she wanted to hack their Control Console. Fully equipped with ammo, she was ready for the fight of her life. First corner she turned, two VS soldiers spotted. One noticed her right away while the other was slower to react. She finished off the first one, dodging behind a wall. Popping out again she danced around the second guy. He charged her, damaging her quite a bit. Knowing he couldn’t charge her again for a little bit, she pulled back finishing him off. Now that she had woken the place up, she was sure they would rebirth and tell their buddies.
     Rebirthing had supplied a whole new element into the war. It allowed humans to save their DNA make up into a global database where they could recreate themselves via nanites. The nanites were so small that the amount of memory needed to hold all the data took up little space and needed only a small amount of energy to power the system. It was a new age of human life. No one died and rebirthing seemed to have no negative effects on the subjects. They would respawn with all their memories and aged only when they stopped use the rebirthing system.
     After a short rest to regain health, she was ready to push her way to the top floor. Her cloak was back up, but she wanted to save it in case of an emergency. She noticed the purple heavy’s could put a little too much of a dent in her health. It wasn’t worth the risk. The long ramp ahead of her to the top floor made her feel uneasy. It was a death trap. Preparing herself, she sprinted forward then slowed down when she got to the doorway. She couldn't see through the door. Pulling out her RECK, she hacked the door way. Looking around, she covered the hack. She couldn’t hear anything coming her way; The door security was disabled. Now, she knew she’d have to cloak. Her nanites slowly faded from view as she walked towards the control console. The room was empty, but she could hear a few soldiers coming up the ramp behind her. One of them yelled, “Re-secure our control console!” They must have been warned about the door security being disabled.
     She moved into the CC room, started the hack and prayed that she could hold off their forces. Her cloak was fading and in her view was over a full platoon of soldiers. It was on. Shooting with precision, she preserved every bit of ammo she had. Three were down. She moved behind a table in the center of the room. She had knocked it over to give herself some cover. Dancing around the table she finished off another.
     In a low voice, she could hear someone yell, “Inhuman freaks! Don’t waste my time!” From the CC window, she could see some Terran soldiers had arrived. Thank the Republic! A bit of relief ran through her veins. She didn’t recognize the soldiers or their emblem, but either way back up had come. Killing off another, she yelled, “Vanu hostile down! Backup requested!”
     “We didn’t notice you there soldier, on our way,” said what appeared to be their platoon leader.
     “Affirmative,” she said in response. After finishing off two more soldiers, she yelled, “Clip is dry!” She had run out of ammo. Pulling out her knife she finished off a light assault soldier and said, “Owned!”
     “Dropping an ammo kit!” yelled one of the Terran soldiers.
     “Thanks!” she said.
​     The hack was at ten percent. All they had to do was hold them off for a few more minutes. One of the platoon’s hackers aided in the hack that she had already started and brought it down to five percent.
     “Nice work!”
     “You too."
     “Hush. Let’s not congratulate ourselves yet. Finish off the fight,” said the platoon leader.
     “Roger,” said one of the other soldiers that looked like he was part of their platoon, but had a different emblem on his armor.
     Waves of enemies filed in for what seemed to be hours, until victory was theirs! The Vanu freaks were pushed out once again. It was another celebration for the Terran, but the war was not over. The VS held most of the forces on Indar. They’d have to reform and push forward.
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