Professional Dungeon Master & Role Player

If you are looking for insight into the gaming world from the mind of a full-time game developer and part-time content creator, look no further. Whether Margaret is creating games or playing them, she always brings depth into the characters and worlds she is a part of. She's played and GM'd a wide variety of tabletop RPGs from Dungeons and Dragons to My Little Pony, and continues to add new ones to her ever growing repitoire. She aims to immerse you into worlds, and make you feel an emotional tie to the characters within them - be ready to laugh, sigh, and of course, cry.


April 2017 - Present
Chief Marketing Officer
Responsible for marketing activities, leading brand management, marketing communications (including advertising, promotions and public relations), market research, sales management, product development, distribution channel management, pricing, and customer service. Primarily recruitment officer and talent manager. Creating characters and worlds, and performing on various live broadcasts, hosted on Roll4It's media channels

Dark Galaxies Gaming
Sept. 2018 - Jan. 2020
Professional Role Play Talent & Dungeon Master
Creating characters and worlds, and performing on various live broadcasts, hosted by Dark Galaxies Gaming's media channels.

Hyper RPG
Sept. 2017
Professional Role Play Talent
Performed the role of Mantis on their Guardians of the Galaxy RPG  "When Universes Collide!" for HyperDrive Vol. 4.

Lost Initiative Show
Oct. 2016 - Feb. 2019
Professional Role Play Talent
Creating characters and worlds, and performing on various live broadcasts, hosted on MathasGames' and Lost Iniatiative Show's media channels.

Jan. 2014 - Sept. 2015
Professional Role Play Talent
Creating characters and performing on various live broadcasts, hosted on itmeJP's media channels.

Active Performances

Past Performances

2020 Roll4It: Witches & Spellcraft - Fabled Antics
2020 Roll4It: Apocalypse World 2e - Dawn of the Others
2020 Roll4It: Fusion - Fight Like A Gem
2020 Warhammer Wrath & Glory - Unsung Fury
2020 Roll4It: Monster Hearts 2e - River Valley High  
2019 Witches & Spellcraft - Jasper Jinx Academy
2019 Dark Galaxies Gaming: Starfinder - Dead Suns
Episode 14
Episode 15
2019 Roll4It: Shadowrun Twilight Sins
2019 Roll4It: Game of Thrones - Riverlands
2019 Roll4It: Masks - Storm Force
2019 Roll4It: Pirates of the Broken Skies
2019 Lost Initiative Show: Star Wars - Fated in the Stars
2019 Roll4It: Blades in the Dark - Shadow of Doskvol
2019 Roll4It: CAPERS - The Powder Keg
2019 Roll4It: Stargate Horizons
2018 D&D5e - Children of the Storm Castle
2018 D&D5e - SVK4KIDS
2018 Roll4It:  D&D - Naxtamun's Temple
2018 Roll4It:  My Little Pony - Friendship is Magic
2018 Dark Galaxies Gaming: Rise of the Dragon Queen
2017 Hyper RPG: Guardians of the Galaxy RPG: When Universes Collide! – HyperDrive Vol. 4
2017 Roll4It: Avalon High School
2017 Roll4It:  Code 2050
2017 Roll4It: Cheese Quest
2017-2018 Roll4It: BTVS - Layla the Vampire Slayer S1 & S2
2017 Roll4It: Shadowrun 5e - S2 EP 3+
2017 Lost Initiative Show: VTR - Bloodlust
2016-2018 Lost Initiative Show: D&D - Edge of Morality
2015 RollPlay: R&D - Saga of the Icelanders
2014 RollPlay: R&D - Maid RPG
2014 RollPlay: West Marches Week 4
2014 RollPlay: R&D - Pendragon
2014 RollPlay: Vigil - Dungeon World Week 6+
2014 RollPlay: R&D - Dungeon World
2014 RollPlay: One Shots: The Good Life
2014 RollPlay: R&D - Apocalypse World
2014 RollPlay: R&D - Numenera
2014 RollPlay: MLG Anaheim


Available upon request