It's time to
be better gamers!

I've been thinking long and hard about the inappropriate behavior and unfair treatment of folks in the gaming industry. As a leader of a team, and someone who has experienced this first hand,  I want to be part of the solution. My goal is to put together some resources for leaders in our industry to utilize. In order to do that, and to make sure that we cover all the topics folks have concerns about, I need your help.

Example of Topics I'd like to Cover

  • How to help provide safe work spaces
  •  Hiring with inclusiveness and diversity in mind
  • Events and event security
  • Human Resources - What needs to change to help the industry
  • How to alter power dynamics in the industry
  • Games industry culture and how we can do better as a community
  • Mental and physical health support for gamers 

How You Can Help

I'm partnering up with IGDA San Diego as they will be hosting some of these resources on their website, and I will of course, provide them here as well.

First, we need to make the content! To start things off, I am gathering a list of folks who would like to help! Click below icons or big button at the bottom to volunteer!

Live Speakers

Seeking industry vets, executives, and leaders of games industry companies, content creators, events managers, or anyone who feels they would bring value to a live talk about a topic on how to better gaming culture.

Broadcast production, Post-production & Graphics

Looking for video producers, video editors, graphics designers, motion graphics artists, or anyone else who feels they can help with creating live broadcasts, or editing content to assist with our presentations, videos, and article posts. 

Writing & Editing

In order to keep up with the articles and interviews we have planned, we would like to gather some folks who would be interested in writing and editing. You will be provided resources to reference, depending on the topic.

Researchers & Consultants

Searching for experts in their field who would be interested in taking part in behind the scenes research and consultation on topics of their expertise. Consultants do not have to be on-camera, but ideally, would be okay with being quoted in articles, and on live broadcasts. 

Translators & Transcribers

For all broadcasts and videos, we would like to provide an ASL translator (live on the broadcast). We'd also love to find folks who would not mind translating articles and video transcripts. Our goal is to provide as many people with these resources globablly.

Are We Missing Something?

If you feel like none of these categories fits your expertise, but you'd like to provide information on how you can help, please do not hesitate to volunteer! (Select the "other" category and provide info on how you'd like to help.)

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